Nadezhda Pavlinova Yankulska

born on July 31st, 1996 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

email: n.yankulska@gmail.com; npy150@aubg.edu

I am currently a third-year student in the American University in Bulgaria and I am trying to fulfill my time in things that matter, things that fill my soul. Although I am majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication, my biggest passion is Art and all its forms. Be it old or new, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Film art, Photography and Painting are what drives me and thrives in me. This blog is only a small part of what I’ve felt and reflected about the world.


  • Student on full scholarship in the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) Sept, 2015 – currently
    • Studying Journalism, Mass Communications and Integrated Marketing Communications (minor)
  • Head of producers department in the student radio (radio Aura) Sept, 2016 – currently
  • Working as a host in the student radio Sept, 2016 – currently
  • Worked as student assistant at the Teach For All global conference Oct, 2016
  • Went on Work and Travel Exchange program summer of 2016
  • Was a guest at TEDx event at AUBG Mar, 2016
  • Participated on Model United Nations at AUBG as part of Security Council Feb, 2016
  • Was a team leader in AIESEC Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) for the Global Citizen Project  Sept, 2015- Jan, 2016
  • Graduated Foreign Language School “A.L. Stoyanov,” Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria in German, English and Computer Sciences May, 2015
  • Achieved C1 level in German on DSD II exam Apr, 2015
  • Volunteered as an English teacher in kindergartens in Krakow, Poland (AIESEC) Jun, 2015-Aug, 2015
  • Scored 1220 on SAT exam (Reading and Math sections) Sept, 2014
  • Volunteered in the Youth municipality club against drug use  Sept, 2010 – Jun, 2014
  • Won the “24 hours in Bayern” contest with an essay in German May, 2014
  • Scored 110 on TOEFL iBT Dec, 2013
  • Won distinguished scholarship for a 6-week stay in a German school and host family Apr, 2012
  • Published work for the High-school newspaper Sept, 2011- Jun, 2014


  • Reporting
  • Research
  • Creative writing
  • German language (DSD II certificate with C1)
  • Excellent English language
  • Editing skills with sound (skills in Adobe Audition)
  • Experience in radio production and Radio hosting
  • Basic knowledge in video editing
  • Basic skills in photography + owning a DSLR
  • Basic skills in InDesign
  • Communicative and social
  • Tolerant and interested in different cultures and nationalities
  • Interested in Art and Culture events and items – music, movies, theather etc
  • Organized
  • Friendly and enthusiastic personality
  • Easily adaptive
  • Fast-learner
  • Can work well in teams
  • Public speaking skills


  • Writing and reporting
  • Event coverage
  • Interest in movie and/or book reviewing 
  • Working in radio as host/ producer
  • Advertising or marketing company – marketing campaigns
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriter – proofreading, print and layout
  • Editorial writing – up-to-date topics, urban language, culture, art
  • Web content writer
  • Prepare and edit media items – video and audio clips