Painting (with) flowers

Milena Georgieva, 36 years old

Milena’s cozy flower-shop is absorbed by the fragrances of more than 20 different plants that she adopted under her rooftop. “You think you know all the colors until you see a

Milena Georgieva in her flowershop

blossom with just a bit more red than you’ve expected.” That’s why Milena Georgieva spent 15 years as a florist, six of which owning her private flower shop.

Milena assures that not many people understand how much physical work the maintenance of the flowers requires. “Every flower needs to be taken care of differently,” she says. For her 15-year experience, she has learnt the various details in care that every plant asks for. “Making sure they are all well treated is a non-stop job, and at times I get very tired.”   

Apart from the physical workload, Milena admits that dealing with clients is her biggest challenge. As much as she tries to make their celebration delicate and charming, clients are often times skeptical or grumpy. “They hardly ever consider my proposals because they are always in a rush to buy the bouquet, “ admits Milena with disappointment.

As her closest people know, Milena likes to receive flowers with or without an occasion, with spring gentle flowers being her favorite. Despite what most people would think, working with flowers daily doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate a lovely bouquet.

She cherishes her flowers as she would for a human being. That is why it is always hard for her to see them being thrown away at the end of the week. “I understand that’s just how life is, people come and go, and flowers dry out too.”

Milena has graduated university with a degree in Fine Arts and Drawing but confesses that no other profession captured her the way selling flowers did. Although she no longer draws, she sees flower arrangements as live paintings she creates  day-to-day. As she carefully picks flowers for her next composition, her desk turns into the next blank sheet.


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